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FMCSA Betters Their Services Against Rogue Moving Companies

The days of rogue movers are now numbered, as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) steps up against these rogue movers, enforcing the law with the iron hand.

Since the implementation of the MAP-21 act, the FMCSA have been closing down rogue moving companies and have punished them accordingly. This year, FMCSA have shut down the operations of Trusted Moving & Storage and Peace of Mind Relocation Inc. Both companies are also found out to be non-members of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).

According to the investigators, they have found out that both companies have held several of their clients’ household goods (HHG) and also demanded them to pay an additional fee after they received the initial payment. Most of their clients have reported this to the AMSA, which resulted in the FMCSA taking action on this injustice. Most of the HHG were returned to the clients, and the two companies have their moving licenses revoked.

Linda Bauer Darr, the President and CEO of AMSA, commended FMCSA’s quick action on these rogue moving companies. According to her, “FMCSA is to be commended for using its authority to get tough on criminals posing as legitimate movers”. She also said that she is willing to work and cooperate with the FMCSA in order to punish these rogue moving companies.

Expanding Their Reaches

The FMCSA is looking to expand their services in order to help more victims of rogue movers. Some states, like Texas, Ohio, and Louisiana, have been given additional HHG compliance training in order to better their investigation services.

The FMCSA also improved their National Consumer Complaint Database, where people can input complaints about rogue moving companies, report rogue moving companies, and also provide information for suspects listed on said database.

This year, they are looking to train officers of other states in order to be able to service even more victims of these rogue moving companies. This, according to the head of FMCSA, will surely cut down the number of victims, as well as the number of rogue moving companies, in the United States.