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Movers Among the Healthiest Employers

healthiest employeersThe Washington Business Journal has selected Gentle Giant’s Washington D.C. branch as one of the healthiest employers in the state for 2012. Gentle Giant is a Massachusetts based mover. The employees at the Giants get to enjoy physical activity together, train for athletic activities and the company recently built a cross-fit gym for them inside their warehouse.

Interestingly, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gentle Giant, Larry O’Toole has regularly taken both longtime workers and new recruits to Harvard Stadium on a weekly basis for running all the flights of stairs. At the same time, the branch offices of the mover have created their unique fitness programs for new hires. One such unique method used in some branches includes conducting interviews through a 3-mile run.

At the same time, The Providence Business News has named The Arpin Group of West Warwich, R.I. as one of the healthiest employers in Washington. The mover has made substantial efforts in the implementation of a number of wellness programs so as to detect health issues at an early stage before they reach a complicated stage.