New Migration Study—Balanced States in 2012

New Migration Study—Balanced States in 2012

Good news for moving companies. Recent results from a moving study indicate that the country’s housing-related economy is finally stabilizing. According to the 2012 Atlas Van Lines Migration Patterns study, there have been more shifts from inbound states and outbound states to balanced states in 2012. The study found that Southwestern and mid-Atlantic coastal states remain as the most popular destinations, while the Midwest becomes more balanced.

Looking at state by state, California remains a balanced state for inbound and outbound moves. It is also the state with the highest number of moves in 2012, topping at 13,000 moves. The second and third highest numbers occurred in Texas and Florida respectively. Six states that were outbound in 2011 are now balanced states, including Massachusetts, Delaware, Louisiana, Missouri, Utah, and Wisconsin. Four states that were inbound have shifted into balanced states this year, including Maryland, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Virginia. Overall, there is a trend towards balance throughout the United States. Here is a region by region breakdown of the findings:

  • Western Region
    • A majority of western states remain balanced. The only two states that are either inbound or outbound are Utah (outbound) and New Mexico (inbound). Remarkably, California has been balanced for more than 10 consecutive years.
  • Southern Region
    • Southern states remain a place of balance. Texas and New Mexico continue to be inbound states, as well as Virginia and North Carolina. After a period of fluctuations, Kentucky has also become a balanced state.
  • Midwest Region
    • A majority of Midwest states are outbound. However, there are five balanced states—Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri. Outbound states include Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kansas, Minnesota, and Nebraska. No Midwestern state has been an inbound state for more than 10 years.
  • Northern Region
    • The northern states saw no changes between 2011and 2012. New York and New Jersey have been constant outbound states for more than a decade. Pennsylvania likewise has remained balanced during that same timespan. Washington D.C. is the only northern location that has been inbound for more than 10 years.

This year’s annual Migration Patterns study revealed a number of favorable results. The increase in the number of balanced states throughout the United States shows that the economy is stabilizing. There has been a significant shift from the majority of Midwestern states being out-bounded to a more balanced state. At the same time, the other three regions remain relatively balanced. These trends point at improved profitability for the moving industry going forward.