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Moving Company Fines and Forceful Actions Taken From Investigations

Recently, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has taken a number of actions to prevent illegally operating companies from harming consumers. This comes as an ongoing commitment to consumer protection.

In accordance with the Public Utilities Code and CPUC regulations, the CPUC enforced a number of citations against moving companies operating illegally last year in the final two quarters of 2012. These actions include not only phone disconnections but also fines. Among the recently established regulations is the Maximum Rate Tariff 4 (MAX 4) which contains both maximum rates that all carriers must observe and rules concerning intrastate moves.

Illegal Companies Fined

  • Pacific Relocation Services, LLC (San Francisco) was fined $3,000 for the following violations of CPUC code:
    1. Failed to provide the “Important Notice About Your Move” document at least 3 days prior to the move date
    2. Failed to provide shippers a complete agreement for Moving Services and Freight bill
    3. Failed to provide the “Important Information for Persons Moving Household Goods” booklet
  • Coastal Moving Inc. (San Diego) was fined $1,000 for the following violation:
    1. Failure to respond and provide access to business records upon request of an authorized representative of the CPUC
  • Let’s Move it Right Van Nuys (Van Nuys) was fined $31,500 for the eight following violations:
    1. Failed to issue a Combine Agreement for Moving Services showing all required information
    2. Failed to include a Not to Exceed Price in the Combined Agreement for Moving Services
    3. Failed to properly complete the Important Notice About Your Move
    4. Failed to obtain the correct weighmaster’s certificate or weight ticket for moves in excess of 100 miles
    5. Failed to properly compute time for loading, unloading, and double drive time;
    6. Unlawfully required shippers to sign and acknowledge a Release of Liability
    7. Failed to properly account for other information as necessary to make a determination of applicable rates and charges
    8. Charging for packing materials and containers
  • Liquid Relocation and Moves for Less (San Diego) was fined $5,000 for the following violations of CPUC code:
    1. Operated as a household goods carrier during suspension of operating license
    2. Operated as a prime household goods carrier without the proper permit
    3. Failed to procure and maintain cargo insurance
    4. Maximum Rate 4 Tariff violations
  • 24 Hour Moving and Storage (Sun Valley) was fined $2,250 for the three following violations:
    1. Operated during a period of suspension of operating license
    2. Failed to maintain insurance in effect and on file
    3. Maximum Rate 4 Tariff violations