Streamlined Moving and Storage Software

How You Benefit From a Streamlined Moving and Storage Software

How You Benefit From a Streamlined Moving and Storage Software

There are many Moving and storage software for the moving industry. A number of these programs are designed by people who have experienced the moving industry only as a customer. However, MovePoint, developed b industry experts with knowledge of over 30 years, doesn’t require you to deal with difficult questions and user interfaces.

The software for movers is available in 4 different packages with functions that meet specific business needs.

Lead Marketer – This package comprises of automatic email marketing and management to meet your online leads. It helps in making your online leads including those on to be more efficient.

KickStart – This move software package is designed for simple operations and sales management. It is possible to quote jobs, manage resources and moving schedule and for tracking basic business metrics.

Small Business – This package is created for handling small business needs around accounting, payroll and sales. It is effective in running most of the tasks required by a small moving company.

Corporate – This is the complete package move software that covers all of your business needs including online lead promotion, claims and storage.

A major advantage of using MovePoint is that it can be used by almost anyone. If you know how to browse the web, you can easily use this software. This software doesn’t have all the confusion and disorder that exists in other programs.

This Moving and storage software offers you an easy-to-use cloud based solution for keeping track of all the customers’ information. All the data including the safe storage documents can be accessed instantly. The system provides instant web quote that enables you to send a quick quote to a lead without keeping them waiting. It can import the data of your online queries or customers from your website and send out the quote. it is also possible to set the move software to send out the quote based on the cube sheet.