How to Paper Wrap and Pack Basic Fragile Items

   How to properly tape a moving box closed

  • Use at least three pieces of tape on the bottom of the box to secure the weight of the items inside.
  • Use at least two pieces of tape on the top of the box to secure the items inside the moving box.

   How to cut and rip packing tape

  • You can fold the tape into itself, on the ‘sticky end’, then rip outward.
  • Using a pair of scissors or an Exacto knife to cut the packing tape
  • Always cut away from yourself

    How to Pack and Wrap Fragile Cups

    • Use at least one piece of paper. Start by unfolding it and placing the cup at the corner of the paper. Roll the cup half-way up the paper and fold in the ‘wing’ ends. Roll the cup the rest of the way up and place in a secure area of the box

    How to Pack and Wrap Kitchen Plates

    • Start by unfolding several sheets of paper; lay the plate near the corner of the paper, folding the corner onto it. Stack an additional plate on top of the folded corner and repeat step 1. Continue this process until you have done 4 – 6 plates.

    How to Pack and Wrap Pots and Pans

    • Use as many pieces of paper as necessary. Place the pot into the box and crumple pieces of paper around it. This is necessary as to not cause scratching or noise inside the box, if the box when carried, or dollied, is noisy, the customer will be nervous.

    How to Pack and Wrap Fragile Bowls

    • Follows almost the exact same rules as kitchen plates. Only stack a maximum of three bowls together, otherwise the pressure of other items and the shifting in side the box can cause damage.