6 Pitfalls when Opening Multiple Locations

6 Pitfalls when Opening Multiple Locations

Opening multiple locations comes with a lot of trial and error. The whole goal is to systematize how your moving business is run so you are able to copy/paste your brand, ethic and skills into a new area. However, when it comes time for implementation- many pitfalls can get you caught in a cross fire.

First is the ‘Outta-Sight-Outta-Mind’ problem. When owners, executives and presidents tap into the current company resources, it can be easy to overlook the current locations primary business functions. At this point, it can be hard to balance your time in a manner that allows you to give the necessary attention to the right location at the right time.

Secondly is when you lose the ‘sporadic communication’. It’s one thing to be able to simply walk down a hall, run into one of your employees and ask them how their kids are doing, but this is lost when a new location is present. This type of communication helps build respect, admiration and/or challenges that are crucial to a healthy business relationship. This means that you need to make sure that you are spending enough time in each location to impart the same knowledge to the new locations employees.

Thirdly is ‘working cloud’. This can cause an uproar within your current working habits. If there is no streamlined process of communication between the locations, then your work output will plummet significantly.
The fourth thing is succeeding when given arduous or complicated assignments. Communication alone is difficult, but when a task has been placed into your hands, but the one who places it is in another town, city or state, it can be near to impossible to know exactly what they are looking for.

The fifth pitfall comes down to whether your team knows one another. Remotely, it’s much more difficult to have synergy between employees.

The sixth and final pitfall concerns supervision. Without an executive, owner or president, there is no way to tell whether your people are in uniform, are accomplishing their assignments or if they are arriving on time.