Professional Removals on a Budget- Tips to Save You Money

Professional Removals on a Budget- Tips to Save You Money

Many people think that hiring a van for a DIY home move is going to be the cheapest way to do things. However, when you consider the costs on top of the hire charges of things like fuel, insurance, your own time and the potential to break something during the move; it starts to look a lot better to consider hiring a professional removals company.

If you are working on a tight budget but would like the experience and convenience of a professional moving team on the day, there are a few things you can do to ensure you don’t spend more than you need to on your move. Here are a few of our tips:

•        Clear the clutter

Before you start, have a ruthless clear out of your stuff. If you haven’t used it in the last year, chances are you won’t use it again, so get rid of it and save yourself space in the moving van. Less stuff means less time and a smaller van, saving you money whether you are paying a fixed price or by the hour.

•        Fixed price or hourly rate?

Many moving companies will be able to quote for both a fixed price and for an hourly rate move. If you are moving a larger property or moving a long distance, then the fixed price may work out better value as things like traffic hold ups won’t end up costing you money. For local moves, an hourly rate can be a great money saver as long as you are 100% packed and ready to go on the day.

•        Pack yourself

If you are paying by the hour, don’t leave anything until the last minute. Those last minute boxes all add up to major time wasted, and can take a lot longer than you thought. Similarly, if you can have all furniture dismantled and ready to be loaded on the van you will save yourself substantial amounts of time and money.

•        Ask for the right service

Not all moving services are the same. Some will offer a full removals service including packing boxes, whereas others will simply want to pack the van and go. If you are moving a small flat in a city like Bath, man and van services may be just adequate for you, but if you are moving a bigger home you might want to have a few people around to help on the day.

•        Compare quotes

Get quotes from at least three moving companies, and make sure you understand what is included. Ask if the price includes insurance, mileage allowance and for how many hours they have calculated the move. Going over time or finding they are charging by the mile for the move can add a huge amount to the cost if you are not careful, so aim for all inclusive prices to give you a transparent idea of what they are quoting.

•        Cheap is not always best

Even if your budget is tight, don’t assume the cheapest quote is the best value for money. Ensure your movers are appropriately licensed and well established firms, otherwise you could end up with breakages or unexpected charges being levied on your final invoice.