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Gentle Giant Uses Innovative Recruitment Drive for Reputed Athletes

Gentle Giant Uses Innovative Recruitment Drive for Reputed Athletes

Most of the AMSA members have experienced shortage of crew during the summer, especially in the Mid-Atlantic area. Gentle Giant Moving Co. used some innovative recruitment methods this spring for addressing this shortage. Gentle Giant opened One new office in Charlotte, North Carolina and two new offices in the Washington, D.C.

In an unprecedented recruitment move, the company sent its staff for recruiting athletes from a couple of top rowing teams from George Washington University and Georgetown. According to Larry O’Toole, the founder and a rower during his college years, he was certain that his recruiting staff would find very good candidates.

The staffers, after consulting the coaches, met the athletes post morning practice. One of the recruiters was Will Allen, who himself is a former rower, introduced the Gentle Giant recruitment team to the coaches. Because he knew from experience that the athletes would be exhausted and hungry after the practice session, the team took lots of food along to with them. They spoke with groups and individuals from all the rowing teams.

Many students submitted their name and e-mails as a sign of showing interest about working for the mover for the summer. Gentle Giant offered their branded T-shirts to these students. The recruiters spent around 3 hours with all the students when they met over hundred athletes. More than 70% of them submitted their names and e-mail addresses.