International Young Movers Conference

International Young Movers Conference Held at Amsterdam

International Young Movers Conference Held at Amsterdam

The International Young Movers Conference held in Amsterdam stated that the removals industry is going to face many major changes in the near future. Major advances in global regulations, legislation, standardization and technology are going to affect the work and the modus operandi.

Focused on the young owners and managers from the removals industry, the international Young Movers Conference was initiated in 1991 as an annual event. The 2013 event had almost 200 participants from around 33 nations. These young representatives of the removals industry exchanged their ideas about the industry’s future.

The event consisted of meetings, workshops and discussions focused at preparing the participants for the future. The Young Movers Conference (YMC) also gives the managers a chance to network internationally and to share experience and knowledge.

Brian Limperopulos of IAM was one of the guest speakers at the YMC. He acknowledged climate change as a big challenge for the removals industry in the near future. In addition, he added that the industry has many opportunities with regard to technological advances, creative industry-based solutions and implementation of general standards.

Ellen Troska of the Federation of European Movers Associations touched the topic of different standards that are playing in the industry. He detailed out that many countries need to comply with the European CEN standard and some additional standards and codes of their own. For example, a number of standards apply in the U.S. The 2013 YMC had one workshop dedicated entirely to the discussion for the need and affect of standardization.

Jelle Boonstra representing the Dutch Association for Transport and Logistics added that the European removals industry is undergoing a major transition. Therefore, it is important that the companies join hands to create efficient solutions, reduce costs and maintain sustainability. He further added that the industry is shifting its focus for including additional facility services such as consultation, relocation and storage services.