How to Pack ‘Tiers’ inside of a box

How to Pack ‘Tiers’ inside of a box

Although boxes technically have no tiers, it is good to think of it in this manner. Basically all of the same rules apply to packing a box as rules apply to loading a truck. The base of the box would consist of the heavier and sturdy items, for example CPU units, toaster, coffee maker, plates, etc… That being said, it is important not to mix very fragile items with heavy items, an example of what not to do would be stacking plates in with a CPU unit. Each room of a house should be packed accordingly. Kitchen items should be packed separately from Living Room items, Master Bedroom items should be packed separately from the Kid’s bedroom, so on and so fourth.

The middle load of a box should be relatively light and sturdy items; this can include breakables, but not extremely fragile pieces. Middle load can include items such as trophies, cups, decorations, jars, etc…

The top load of a box should be the most fragile pieces or padding. This can include items such as trinkets, blankets, pillows, gloves, hats, etc… A rule of thumb is that a box containing fragile items should always be packed to allow a few inches of room at the top of the box. This allows you to fill the area with paper, blankets, and pillows. This offers a great amount of support inside the box and allows the box to be stack-able with out breaking the contents on the top or inside.

Filler spots are spots inside the box that haven’t been filled. It is extremely important that all of the spots inside the box stay occupied in order to keep the box solid from the inside. Filler items can include paper towels, blankets, pillows, silverware, or a simple method of balling the paper and using it in the spaces can work.

A good rule of thumb is to leave the top of the box with a few inches of filler space. This allows you to pack the top with paper, so if there are fragile items in the box, they remain secure and safe. Just remember, boxes stack on on another, if there are fragile items or breakables on top, they may get smashed.

Packing the inside of a box is an art form and takes a lot of practice. Just always be aware of gravity, weight and pressure inside and outside the box.