Celebrity Mover: Jimmy Bruzzese

Celebrity Mover: Jimmy Bruzzese

While moving celebrities, athletes and writers may be a deep longing for the vast majority of moving businesses around the world; for one in particular that is the sole basis of their success. The Swiss Moving Company, namely Jimmy Bruzzese (one of the three founders), recently celebrated its 1,000 successful move, of some very famous people.

The Swiss Moving Company prides itself on its expertise, responsiveness, as well as flexibility. And all of these things combined make for peaked interest in the eyes of the rich and famous. The success of their company has spread simply through word of mouth, and through their providers and some very smart marketing techniques the company has only continued to boom in business over the past 20 years.

But, with success comes always comes with a price. Many of these moves prove to be quite tedious indeed. In fact, Jimmy Bruzzese has countless tales to tell. Including one of an internationally renowned American singer who told her bodyguards to evacuate the movers on her property, as she was fearful they would approach her. Additional examples include an actor who had a 32 ft. long dresser filled with identical shirts, and even one story of a singer who over a period of 15 years had collected over 200 boxes of glasses and hats.

Bruzzese jokes, “celebrities can be stingy. A famous writer called in ten moving companies for a quote, and once we booked, then asked us for a discount of 150 Swiss francs (roughly $165 USD), just on general principals–even though we knew he was a multi-millionare.”

Not every story is similar to these circumstances however. As noted by Bruzzese, “an artist, the son of a famous singer, even helped us to move the boxes out of the container. He then thanked the movers, giving them an autographed picture of him and his father and a tip of 1,500 Swiss francs (roughly $1,650 USD) for each mover.

And on a more humorous note, there are the cases of the famous football player who remained fairly laid back the entire move, with the exception of the extra care for his Playstation console. And also the case of the Saudi prince who had left a suitcase under his bed of which contained 120,000 Swiss francs (almost $132,000 USD) in cash.

It seems that life as a VIP celebrity mover certainly has its ups and downs, but also has its fair share of stories to tell!