Updates Regarding Personal Property Forum (Part II of II)

Updates Regarding Personal Property Forum (Part II of II)

In the first part of this two-part article, we discussed the most recent Personal Property Forum meeting by the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC). In the final part of this article, we will be discussing some additional issues that were tackled at the meeting, as well as some upcoming plans that are presently being set in motion by the SDDC.

One particular area of concern of which was addressed is that of “scoping”, and the belief that it is certainly not dead as ┬ámany claim. Many feel that the SDDC has since moved away from scoping in the way of DP3. However, it seems that some of the newly approved entrants have received their acceptance letters of which informed them of limited traffic lanes and other areas the the SDDC expected rates to be filed for. In several one-on-one interviews it was brought to the attention of the SDDC, that the vast majority of these entities were focusing on the operations of local, intrastates, and other smaller regional areas. The SDDC claimed that the new TSP’s were to be limited within their current scope of areas that they operate. While there are no mandatory regulations reflecting any of this, SDDC is advising all to follow their suggestions.

Perhaps the most important issue that was discussed was that of the “right sizing”. It has been noted time and again that the SDDC has been attempting to reduce the number of current TSP’s within the program (namely those in the domestic market). While the term requalification has been used most frequently regarding TSP reduction, the newer term of right sizing has been properly cited, but not formal plans of implementation were discussed.

And finally, another stone left unturned was that of the SDDC addressing Non-TSP Management Companies during requalification. Entities who are unapproved TSP’s are in turn creating a larger role in the support of DoD TSP’s. And while the question’s were brought up in a resolution, no straight answers were given regarding the role that the SDDC will play in what is presently written in Pam-55-4 in regards to outsourcing any and all TSP functions.

While many questions were left unanswered, Capt. Stanley welcomed them all with seriousness, and vowed to take all questions, comments and concerns into consideration for the future. It is a goal that they are looking to reach hopefully, by next month, and from there to formulate a plan and present their findings to the industry at this Spring’s PPF which is set to take place in April 2014.