Protect Your Reputation

Protect Your Reputation

The regulatory body FMCSA is urging that all moving businesses to protect their potential future business. Problems can happen if your vehicles, even after they have been sold, come into the possession of a rogue trader.

Consider, if you need to dispose of a vehicle with your company information, how you aim to protect your business identity. Your vehicle could be bought by a rogue trader. This rogue trader is going to harm, and damage, your reputation in the moving industry.

Protect yourself from this potentially damaging act by ensuring, all information that relates to your business, is completely removed from fleet vehicles that are sold or have been hired from a leasing company. Before you sign agreements, make sure that you have insisted that the removal of this information happens; before the vehicle is leased to another company or sold on.

It is your responsibility to protect your business from unscrupulous individuals who want to use the name that you have built up.  They will use your information to make illegal money, using your name and reputation to secure contracts where the clients aren’t offered the protection that comes as standard in a regulated business. These individuals put the lives of other road users in danger, because they have not had the training or obtain the relevant insurances required. They are purely there to rip off potential customers, who have wrongly assumed they are dealing with a recognized and insured business.

By protecting your business when you dispose of trucks, you will safeguard the future of your business by maintaining the reputation you have established. It is not going to be damaged by individuals who are out to con unsuspecting clients.

Therefore, ensuring that all evidence of your business is removed from a vehicle might cost a bit extra, but it could save thousands if your reputation is destroyed.