Movers Association News

Movers Association News

Many members attended the meeting in February in New Orleans; this meeting was a great success. At this meeting, the topics that caused the most attention centered on the impact the moving industry was having towards education and the continuing development of the current membership for the association. To add to this success the meeting in California between April 29th and the May 4th is going to be another event in the moving business that you will not want to miss.

The theme of this meeting is based on ‘The New Digital Frontier’; it might sound like it is going to be a star trek theme, but the new technology is now available which could revolutionize the way you run your business. Many of the exhibitors are going to demonstrate some of the great products that can ease the pressure of the moving business, from tracking a customer’s products to truck monitoring equipment. It is all going to be available for you to see how it can work for your business.

You will be delighted to hear the guest speaker is Jim Mathis; he will delight you with his knowledge of his latest book and his ability to help companies who find they need to update their image.

The pressure of a conference can take a toll on anybody; for this reason the accommodation is allowing, for a limited time, the chance to extend your meeting with a before or after association reduced room rate; this will depend on availability at the time of booking. Therefore, if you are considering a short break in California, this offer could save you money.

As with all Moving and Storage Association Conventions, this is not one to miss. If you are looking at updating any of your current systems, it will give you first-hand experience and the ability to talk to other companies to see what they recommend, too.