Moving Businesses And The Military

Moving Businesses And The Military

It might seem an odd partnership but the military and many moving businesses rely on each other to perform tasks like moving military families and to stay in business. This partnership is developing into a stronger and deeper relationship since the military created the SDDC (surface deployment and distribution command). Their job is one of getting the best value for money and service from the companies used to transport military families and their homes to a new home and base.

It is important that the military gets value for money, but also they need to be able to pick companies that are offering a great service too. This allows the costs to be kept down, but also to ensure that the personnel who are moving receive the best possible service.

But it has also enabled the military to streamline their process and enable them to pay the companies quickly and efficiently, reducing the time frame and the amount of paperwork that was previously required.

This saving is great news for the military; reducing their own costs, demonstrating their commitment to reduce their own unnecessary paper waste that is often associated with large organizations.

With three main services that all need personnel movement, and with most of these occurring with companies that are outsourced, then there are great opportunities within the military for any moving business that is local to a military base. Since the new system installation, there are no longer long awaited payments for invoices of services provided. In the past, the waiting period could have put off the smaller company for wanting to obtain these contracts.

This is a great time for the development between the military and the moving businesses. An opportunity to create a better understanding of the service required and the contracts that are available to move personnel to their new base.