Military Moving Terms

Military Moving Terms

If you are considering moving military families or outsized items for military operations, then being familiar with the common terms that are often used is going to save you time and money. It can also help explain who is going to pay the bill, ensuring that your expenses are covered and you are fully aware of the activity expected of you and your moving business.

It can also be beneficial as to the items that you can transport, this makes sure the costs for the removal of items is settled in full; if items are transported and authorization is not given, then the cost of the move could be left unpaid.

If, for example, a military personnel asks for storage of their goods and they claim that this is payable under the Non-Temporary Storage system, you need to be fully aware of the terms of this agreement; you would check that the authorization has occurred, because this type of storage of goods is only authorized in special circumstances, such as the military personnel is posted overseas or retiring from service. Any other circumstances and the storage costs are the responsibility of the individual and not paid for by the state.

It is also important as a moving business that when the military employ you to move household goods under the HHG category, that you are fully aware of the items that are allowed to be moved and the items that are the responsibility of the personnel involved. For items that are not in this category, including personal luggage and pets, these must not be included in the moving costs that you present to the military for paying.

Therefore, by understanding some of the terms and conditions yourself, allows you to truly understand the job and the full details of what you are being paid to do, and it will avoid costly mistakes.