Do You Instill Fear In Your Staff?

Do You Instill Fear In Your Staff?

As a business owner or manager, you need to encourage your staff to perform. If you instill fear into them at the mere sight of you, it is possible you are approaching managing people in a negative way.

By creating a working environment that allows your staff to respect you as an owner or a manager, you must think about how you talk to people. The art of gaining the respect of others might be a low priority, but if you have respect instead of fear, you might get more productivity out of your team.

It is often forgotten the power that a manager or an owner has over the employee, it is this power if used inappropriately that can have negative effects on staff members.  It can cause fear in your employees and lead to poor performance and them holding back on ideas that could improve the company.

If you are talking to a member of staff, remember innocent comments taken out of context can cause unnecessary worry. This is not the way forward, make sure all communication with staff is clear and polite, this ensures that fear is not present when you are in the vicinity, which can cause anguish and poor performance. Ask questions that allow open communication between yourself and staff members.  This breeds encouragement and positivity that causes great enthusiasm and a willingness to work.

Creating a business that is forward thinking and allows staff to feel their contribution adds value to the company will ensure that your staff respects you as a business owner or a manager. It is only when you have this respect that you will see a difference in staff performance and initiative in improving the company further. Fear will not denote respect, but could explain a high turnaround in staff leaving.