Electronic Tracking For Drivers

Electronic Tracking For Drivers

A new proposal for tracking the hours a driver is on the road continues forward. It is important that drivers and other road users are protected from driving for too long on the roads without proper tracking.

It is important that technology moves forward in this area because it has stagnated due to some problems in accessing the information tracking the vehicles.

There was the potential for the system misuse and this needs to be dealt with before the system is safe for the drivers and the companies to use. Advancement in technology has allowed the process to move to acceptable devices and monitoring of the systems. This allows protection for the drivers and their need for privacy too.

The information recorded will allow the FMSCA and police to access the information only when there is reason to, the main area being roadside inspections of vehicle movements or if an accident has occurred. It also assists drivers who drive more hours than the legal driving limit.

This practice of forcing driving and breaking the law now carries an $11,000 fine if a company tries to force more hours on the drivers than legal requirements. This gives the drivers the power to protect themselves from an accident and hurting themselves and other road users.

This move to implement tracking devices for vehicles is there to protect the drivers and other motorists but it isn’t popular among those that could be pushing and harassing staff. It is therefore essential to move in the right direction. Giving accurate information and removing the possibility for roadside tampering with the current system that is in use. Many have found ways around the current system, making it obsolete until the implementation of the new system, a new way to track long distance drivers. Making the roads safer for all drivers and protecting drivers from over working.