Safety Monitoring Program

Safety Monitoring Program

The safety monitoring program currently being used by the CAS, is found to have a flaw, this discovered by a new department called the GAO or Government Accountability Office.

The GAO made the discovery that the safety monitoring system doesn’t hold enough data to make judgements on which moving business possesses the higher risk. They have too little performance data on the individual companies; often these are the smaller companies, but make up a larger proportion of the moving business.

The information, which the CSA holds isn’t detailed enough to enable them to make informed decisions regarding those companies which are more at risk at of an accident. The problem that the GAO wants to change. They are asking for more information, so any decision in relation to the potential of the risk of a company is accurate.

Having limited information makes the data more liable for errors and this is not the ideal situation. The concept behind the safety-monitoring program is to assess the situation and the potential of the business; if the information is too limiting then the results obtained are not accurate.

The GAO wants the FMCSA to consider their current program and consider enabling more information held. Many of the moving businesses who are more difficult to assess are the smaller businesses, but the problem here is they make up a high percentage of the moving industry.

The GAO wants an overhaul of the information that the FMCSA collects for the safety monitoring system. The idea behind the system is great, but the GAO wants more information so that any data used to correlate risk is accurate and viable. Too little data gathered can give false results, relating to the risk involved.

The overhaul that the GAO is proposing is going to benefit the moving industry and any risk assessments are accurate, which until the update they hold too little information.