Using Wood As Packing

Using Wood As Packing

In the moving business, there is a need to use wood as a packing material. It is needed in packing crates, animal transportation boxes and even as a brace for holding items steady during a move.

What is important for companies who use wood in their business is the controls that are coming into force. It will no longer be acceptable to use any piece of material when packing up a property and preparing for a move. The new regulations will restrict imported wood. Not only will you need to ensure that you are using the correct wood for the move and the packing of items, but you will also need to ensure that it has the correct markings to verify the claims.

Using wood as a packing material just got more complicated. You will need to ensure the wood displays the permanent markings, which ensures that the wood meets the EPA requirements. This indicates the IPPC logo, the two letters for the country where the wood is grown, the National Plant Protection Organization number and the type of treatment the wood received, whether it was HT for heat-treated or MB for methyl bromide fumigation.

If you fail to get the wood you use for packing from a source that clearly marks the wood, then you do face prosecution. The concerns for the treatment of wood coming into America is to prevent the spread of potential harmful particles that can threaten the native plants and animals.

Having control of the wood being imported is just part of the process of protecting the American borders from the potential threat of illnesses or insects and animals, which hide away in the cracks of wood and can cause serious problems to the native species, that can come under attack.

For this reason, it is better to protect the country before an item enters, than trying to eradicate a problem once it becomes established and even though it is something else to consider, it is worth the effort.