DPS System Updates

DPS System Updates

The Defense Personal Property System was unveiled over eight years ago. At the time of its launch there were areas which many felt were missing from the capabilities of this program, which could enable a perfect system that met the needs of all concerned.

While opinions were given to the missing applications and assurances that these oversights would be taken care of, the truth is that it has taken the eight years for this system overhaul to begin. The main requirement was a two-way interface that allowed movement of data from one system to another.  While waiting for the updates needed, many companies took this upon themselves to work through the shortcomings of the system, to enable the best outcome while working with the DPS system.

The system needs complete updating to meet the needs of the current business climate, but this is going to take time. The planning of this improvement is in place, but for the moving businesses using the DPS system, they will quickly realize that the final changes to the system will be at the end of 2017. However, the long-awaited two-way interface looks set for completion by the end of next year.

It is great news that the DPS systems are looking at getting the overhaul they need.  However, the time that it is going to take to implement these changes will still require the businesses involved to work with the system while these changes are occurring for the next two years. As long as the planned changes happen according to the current timetable of events, and the areas of the proposed timetable of upgrades doesn’t slip, the changes will be made by then.

This software development is important for the continued success of the DPS program and the work it does for the families of the military. However, the moving industry welcomes the work to upgrade the system, taking into account the input for improvement of the system when it was first unveiled.