Getting The Message Across

Getting The Message Across

In the moving business, you need to attract a potential customer’s attention and ultimately you might need to advertise.  Getting the message across the first time and every time isn’t easy. However, if you are aware of the secrets behind attracting potential client’s attention you are halfway there to securing more business in the future.

Knowing that when a potential customer picks up a leaflet or even a magazine, images attract the most interest. Very few people will read the article in full, with most people looking at the headlines that grab their attention and skim over the article to pick up the important details.

It is important that you grab the reader’s attention by the images and the color.  This is going to attract more people to the article.  The more attention you are able to grab, the more likely people will actually read the advert and potentially become a new customer.

Another good idea is having the important information like your contact details, in bold ink.   This is the best way to imprint your details on to the memory of someone who might in the future become a customer.  In addition, lists or bullet points are a great way to focus the reader’s attention when they skim the content.   This is because often the information in a bullet point is short and factual. Finally, giving the right information in the least space is great, especially if you are looking to draw in a new customer.

Therefore, if you are looking at creating an advert with the hope of drawing in more customers, get the hard work done first by making the layout of the article right even before you add a single word.  Nevertheless, the words need careful consideration too. A misplaced word or even a spelling mistake is a disaster for any publicity campaign.