Success In California

Success In California

The 96th convention for the California Moving and Storage Association was a success. The convention looks to the future of the moving business, what new technology there is available, and benefits for the moving industry as a whole.

What is exciting, is seeing the businesses embrace the future with the ease of the electronic age, which is replacing the need for paper. This saves businesses money in the long-term and makes the company more cost effective.

Looking into the future of the moving industry is exciting for any business owner, but the practicalities of being able to adapt with all new technology is sometimes a future dream not reality. However, the convention gives business leaders the chance to see new advancements and to discuss the options that will suit their own business needs.

However, these conventions give more to the moving business than just the future.  It looks at the present in relation to the truck and trailer updates and information provided by the California Public Utilities Commission and the Department of General Services. This information is vital to ensure those businesses that are operating in California are up to the required standard in terms of condition and service.

There is more to the CMSA convention than just looking at the business side.  It has awarded donations to a number of individuals who were selected for a scholarship, as well as a generous donation to the Northern California Special Olympics, encouraging individuals and groups with financial aid.

Therefore, while many businesses consider the expense of attending these conventions as high, it is an important time to meet other business owners and to make some very important connections, too. Gaining information that you can use in the future potential of your business, makies any money spent on visiting the convention a worthwhile business expense.