Approved Repair Services

Approved Repair Services

Using the option of repair rather than cash for damages in the moving business lacks one main element. It is essential to find the services of reliable repair tradesmen who are willing to repair damaged items.

If the moving and repair service could work together, it would solve the problem of any damage, but it would also give opportunities for businesses to spring up which will offer the repair service at a competitive price.

A partnership between the removal and the repair company is mutually beneficial.  Getting value for your money is important and a partnership for a repair business could lead to a potential steady workload.

It is not just about doing the cheapest option for the customer because giving cash knowing it isn’t replacing the item in question isn’t resolving the problem. This does result in making the damage an obvious reminder of the moving company’s negative reputation.

However, it is not easy to create a change in a system that many will accept, because of the quick resolution time of cash. Finding a quality repair service, which is able to repair any damage on site and back to a condition that is to the customer’s satisfaction, is not straightforward.

Making good on the damage is the right way forward in customer service. It shouldn’t be about throwing cash at the customer.  This is a last resort if all other options have failed. Changing the attitude of what are the customer entitlements for damages is an industry wide problem that needs addressing. Only with support and the effective solutions to repair damage to some items of furniture, will the concept of getting back to an acceptable standard for repairing damage. Replacing the item is an option, but the main objective is the removal of the visual reminder of the damage caused by the moving company hired.