Changes Are Coming In The SDDC

Changes Are Coming In The SDDC

The SDDC, Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, put forward the changes that are happening with regard to household goods movement in the armed forces.

At the Personal Property Forum, members of the AMSA were present and the changes highlighted. It is still important that the contracts are of the highest standard, but the merger of four storage management offices into one centrally maintained office based at the Scott Air Force Base means less inspections of warehouses. It also means a significant reduction in staff at the SDDC, and all areas are to undergo restructuring to enable effective working at a smaller, but centrally located, office.

One new focus will be on ensuring new contracts and expansions of existing warehouses still receive their initial inspection. Inspections of current contractors’ warehouses will reduce because of the reduction in size of the staff available and the move to a single office in a central location.

One area of importance to all moving businesses with military contracts is the computer software issue, with a few software updates continuing. The good news is the customer questionnaire can be removed from the emails. However, this will mean the number of surveys completed will drop.  This along with the reduction in the size of the office staff could affect the quality of the services the SDDC.

One announcement that affects new contracts is the prevention in creating too many new contracts in the household goods movements.  This year’s focus was on the moving businesses with current contracts. This is due to the reduction in movement to Afghanistan since the withdrawal of troops.

Therefore, while the changes occur in the SDDC, moving businesses are looking to see the potential outcome of the restructuring of the SDDC with their new centrally located offices and how it will affect the industry financially in the future.