Updating FMCSA Information

Updating FMCSA Information

You are required to keep the information held at the FMCSA, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, up to date. If you fail to record your current information every other year, even if no details have changed, you face prosecution and fines.

It is really easy to know when your FMCSA is due for an update, the key to this information is in your USDOT number. If your USDOT second to last number is an odd number then you must file your update in each year that the year is odd. The month you need to fill the form is the last digit of your USDOT number; if it ends in a 1 then it is January and so forth during the year with October being zero.

It is important that you file these because every day you miss the deadline it is a $1000 fine going up to a maximum of $10,000. You must file this information even if you have ceased trading but not yet notified the FMCSA of your business situation.

It is possible to do all the form filling online as long as you have your USDOT number and a pin. It is quick and easy to apply for a pin, it can be sent out in the mail or emailed to you; the choice is yours.

If you don’t have a USDOT number, then it is possible to print the forms and send them in via the mail, but any fines will still apply so it is important to give plenty of time for the mail to arrive.

It is possible to print off your copy of the updated MCS-150 form once you have updated and completed the details.

Therefore, it is important that you don’t miss the deadline because it will mean deactivation of your USDOT number as well as fines for each day you miss the cut-off date.