Zero Emission Fleets

Zero Emission Fleets

The possibility of reducing the emissions from trucks, including those used in the moving business, is a step closer. The CARB, California Air Resources Board, has agreed to fund up to $85 million to help those in need and to allow research into vehicles that produce zero emissions.

CARB is looking for ways to provide the opportunities for truck manufacturers to look into the possibility of creating technology which would reduce the amount of emissions pumped out of trucks and vehicles on a daily basis.

The money available is for a wide range of products and incentives, including $10 million to the smaller companies, in the form of loans, which will enable them to purchase up-to-date trucks that are not going to pollute the atmosphere. This is important because the older vehicles are not environmentally friendly and getting these removed from the roads reduces the amount of harmful gasses released each year.

Up to $25 million is going into projects to look at the large freight options, which can emit large amounts of pollutants each year.  This will fund projects that look into reducing these emissions, producing zero emission vehicles and the technology that can manage these systems effectively.

With $15 million going into projects to look at the hybrid and electric vehicles which are becoming increasingly popular. The technology to allow this to work has certainly been one of the focuses.  While people have dreamed of this technology, it is only just coming to a position where the idea and technology meets.

The majority of the money, $50 million is going to help develop the technology needed in the seaports to reduce the emissions produced using the drayage trucks.

Therefore, this fund approval is exciting news for the development and implementation of lowering the pollutants that are released into the environment daily. With the prospect of improved technology for further development, the idea of creating zero emissions from all vehicles on the road is possible.