The Future Of The ELDs

The Future Of The ELDs

With the changing of the technology available and the move in the direction of electronic logging devices or the ELD’s, electronic logging devices, which is currently a new requirement this year brought into use by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the aim for this new regulation is to bring all industries together. While some businesses chose the paper system, others chose technology.  This brings both areas together under the requirement for electronic devices to keep their records of duty status.

Many believe that the future lies within technology allowing businesses to grow and develop.  From the point of view of the driver, the benefits is making fleet driving a smooth transition rather than benefiting the business of moving goods. Even though, with the technology, the actual freight movement will become easier than previously experienced.

It is important to understand for some businesses that are fighting the changes coming into place for them to remember that while the initial costs might seem higher than many smaller businesses want to spend, the long-term costs will reduce.

It is necessary to understand the potential of using technology to track the movement of the vehicle and the associated remoteness, which sometimes feels part of the moving business.

It can allow the tracking of many different functions, which can improve the fleet, including reporting some of the basic vehicle malfunctions or error codes the vehicles receive allowing real-time diagnosis and preventative maintenance of vehicles.  This makes them safer on the road for the drivers and other road drivers.

One concept that seems possible in the future is the information will be with the driver, even if they change jobs or move out of area, their data might move with them. This will make the fleet drivers more accountable, because their HOS will be transferable and this could mean an increase in the contracts taken by an individual, making the driver more independent and less reliant on the office base.