Save The Highway Trust Fund

Save The Highway Trust Fund

Different organizations are coming together to ask for stability for the Highway Trust Fund, to ensure that the infrastructure has the ability to grow and develop over the coming years.  This is a direct message to congress in the hope they will listen.

Sixty-two groups including the AMSA, a voice for moving businesses across America, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and even the Safe Routes to School National Partnership have all voiced their concerns on ensuring that the Highway Trust Fund has the commitment and the backing from Congress to ensure its growth and development in the future.

If this project stops, it could affect the jobs of over 700,000 people who rely on the trust to ensure the proper maintenance and growth of the road network. It will also currently affect in excess of 100,000 projects.

It is important that America has a road network that is usable and can accommodate any growth in the future. If the Highway Trust Fund is not secure this will have a devastating effect on businesses, including the moving industry who rely on the road infrastructure.  The implementation of projects to maintain and improve the quality of the roads ensures fleet vehicles are able to move to their destination without problems or hold- ups.

The key to the success of infrastructure projects is to maintain the funding for the Highway Trust Fund. The future of the businesses that rely on the road network and the safety of the public using these roads are at stake.

It is not often diverse groups come together, with a united voice.  All hope Congress will listen to their pleas and act to safeguard the future of the Highway Trust Fund. This will ensure that the growth and development of the highways across America, is just part of the key to success in the future for many business and recovery from the economic downturn they have experienced.