The Link Between Trucking Standards and Driver Shortages

The Link Between Trucking Standards and Driver Shortages

An important consideration as to the standard of the rules and regulations that control the drivers of fleet vehicles across the country is that they need regular reviews to ensure that it meets the current needs of the drivers and keep up the safety on the highways.

It is important that while many drivers are highly skilled, the wages seem to fall.  This means drivers are working longer hours to ensure they have sufficient money to pay the bills that they face.

Unfortunately, longer hours means there is potential for problems from driving when tired and not paying attention to the other road drivers. This increases the potential for accidents and loss of life.

A recent Senate Subcommittee on Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety, and Security discussed the issues affecting the safety of trucks.

While little action has been taken forward, there is some potential for the truck industry as a whole. The main idea is to enhance and allow the enforcing bodies the money needed to ensure that all personnel dealing within the trucking industry have the required training to understand all the legal requirements which they need to ensure the truck driver has complied.

Some of the suggestions were to control the requirements of truck drivers to improve safety standards on the highways.  However, this could have a negative impact on the different industries that rely on truck movement for their business, including the moving businesses that rely on such transportation to meet their client’s needs.

Therefore, while there is still a focus on increasing the safety of the highways, this could mean truck drivers forced to drive longer hours to compensate for the falling wages. With the increasing demands of the drivers and the restrictions they face , it is easy to understand the reluctance of new drivers entering the system, creating a shortfall of good quality truck drivers.