How to Provide Competitive Move Quotes

How to Provide Competitive Move Quotes

It is important that you provide customers with competitive quotes for their moving needs. There is no point questioning your sales teams’ percentage of leads that turn into customers, if you don’t offer competitive rates per quote.

Many people will listen to recommendations from their friends, families and work colleagues and it is important that you talk to your customers about these referrals.  A good tactic may be to come up with a unique way to give incentives for your customers is to give out these referrals willingly.

It is important for a customer to get more than one quote for their move and it is important to let your customers compare what they are getting. It might be helpful if you can show in detail what you are offering for the money they will be spending.  Use your quote to demonstrate your ability to do the job required.

Show the customers that you are licensed to move their items because this will show that you are legal and a legitimate business.  Talk through items which demonstrates your reputation.  Also, include any information required by the state that you work in as to the insurance which you must have in place. It helps customers who are comparing quotes if they see these key points so they know they are choosing the right company for their moving needs.

Providing a competitive quote for your business is important if you are looking to convert leads into sales. In the current economic climate, it is important that you look at the prices of your competition and see where the differences lie.

Once you have a firm booking, make sure that before the actual moving day you get all the information from the client as to where they are, a contact phone number, and accurate information on where the property is going.

Therefore, if you are looking to convert sale leads into customers then it is important that you are doing your best to provide the most competitive quote possible.