New AMSA Website for the Moving Industry

New AMSA Website for the Moving Industry

Understanding the amount of different jobs available and the different career options open in moving companies is staggering.  Add to this the training and expertise that you need, it is unbelievable the amount of information out there relating to moving businesses.

Learning about the moving business has seen a change with the recent launch of a new website that allows moving businesses, staff, and potential new recruits to look into this world in an environment that brings all this information together.

The AMSA has launched  This has been possible with the injection of cash that the AMSA received in May, a sum of $35,000 to help create an online presence that brings all the areas together.

This is one of the three sites this funding has helped launch.  The main focus has been on the moving business, including focus on the career options and the resources that relate to the moving and storage of items in commercial and private sectors.

The details are all there for individuals to search for information, whether they are staff members or managers of moving companies or even the general public can all see this information and learn from it.

It is possible to advertise jobs with moving businesses on the site.  This enables moving businesses to attract people who work in the business already or who are looking into the site for a possible career change. This site gives employees and employers the opportunity to meet the best possible candidates for their vacancies.

There is an area solely for the AMSA members with resources that are unavailable to the general population, but for the members to have access to the information they need.

Therefore, if you are looking for a rewarding career, or your in a moving business that requires information from the AMSA, it is possible to get all this and more from their new website.