FMCSA Improving the Accuracy of Citation Data

FMCSA Improving the Accuracy of Citation Data

Many organizations and companies have campaigned for a change in the process of FMCSA citations.  Charges that are later dismissed or found not guilty are not being removed, nor is the data amended to show the actual result of the citation. This can prevent the business in question from obtaining further work when other businesses having access to this inaccurate information.

Fixing the information held will be a breakthrough for many organizations, who have been in favor of this change and the potential it will have for many moving businesses.  Those that do manage to have citations dismissed or have a non-guilty verdict for prosecution will benefit.

The problem, which businesses will face, is ensuring the information is changed at the source, the FMCSA database. This change will only take affect in August 23, 2014 and it is important to understand that the new system is going to require extra paperwork for the businesses. An application can be made through the form, Request for Data Review (RDR), along with their documentation for the amendment to be actioned.

This will have an impact on the moving companies who currently are fighting for the information on the FMCSA database to be accurate and up to date. This information is available to the public, which is important for the general population to check out a business before formalizing a contract. The problem is if they are basing their decisions on information that is wrong.  This can have affect on the growth and expansion of businesses, which can prevent taking on more business and offering greater employment opportunities.

The fact that the FMCSA are changing and improving the current system is great news.  It will have a greater impact on those businesses who rely on freight movement, which includes moving and storage businesses across the country. This will give a true picture of the safety of a business on the roads.