Protection from Moving Scams

Protection from Moving Scams

There are companies out there who prey on the innocent people just wanting to move to a new home.  They feed them lies, take their belonging, and often hold these items hostage until unrealistic fees are paid to the company.

It is not good for the industry as a whole to have businesses that practice in this way. The legitimate moving companies should be there to help their customers to spot these illegal companies and report them to the proper authorities. Often a customer only reports these companies after they have bad experiences.

When you talk to your client, educating them on the importance of finding a reputable moving company is important. Encourage them to search your company with the FMCSA to ensure that you have the correct license and you are legally allowed to perform the move.

If you encourage customers that this is the best practice to help prevent them hiring a rogue moving company, then you might just save that potential client from having their belongings damaged or held hostage.

Show customers the BBB, Better Business Bureau, website to demonstrate how they can check out a business’s reputation. If there are any complaints about a company, show how the BBB will highlight these.

If your business shows your customers how they need to protect themselves, this information will be shared and hopefully prevent hiring a rogue business. It is important that you comply with all the legal information to ensure you are protecting your business and your customer’s belongings.

The current problem is the lack of investigators paid by the FMCSA to enforce the legal regulations with which all moving businesses must comply.  If the moving companies across America help to educate the public about the dangers of the rogue businesses that claim to move customer’s belongings for a cheaper price, the authorities can close down these businesses once identified.