Military Conference Addresses Moving Business Concerns

Military Conference Addresses Moving Business Concerns

It is important to bring organizations together to discuss any potential problems and to iron out any difficulties. For military matters, sometimes it can seem like a long process, but often it is worth the wait for the result. It is not always possible to see the problems others are experiencing.   By having conferences and meetings, it gives businesses the opportunity to voice their concerns for change and simpler processes to save money and costs all round.

The recent meeting for the Military and Government Affairs Panel with many different members in attendance representing the key agencies within the moving business was a successful event.  Key representatives delivered important information that can increase the potential of businesses in the moving sector across America.

The presentation by US government representative, Charles Olden, demonstrated to the members from IAM how they could become more active with the DOS program.

Tim Knapp from DPD, discussed the improvements that are being made to the current system for the DPS and covered system improvements and changes planned through 2016. This was received with enthusiasm from the audience with one major change being the TPS-rejected shipments. This should automatically pass to the next company in line, without the need for human interaction, cutting down time and costs.

The final speaker was Capt. Aaron Stanley who posed for a selfie with the crowd behind him to prove to his family that he was working while at a conference in Orlando.  Then, he addressed how the SDDC saw positives and negatives in 2014, then he described possible changes upcoming for the DP3.

The concept of the meeting is to bring representatives from different areas together to discuss the future of moving businesses and the military. The benefits and the advice can all help to improve the services offered, reduce costs all round and to ensure the best value for money for all businesses.