Attracting Youth to Moving Businesses

Attracting Youth to Moving Businesses

Training investing in those people who have the most to give is important for every business, and often the young are those people that are overlooked. Yet they have the most to give, including time and commitment to any business.

Investing in the young is especially important to moving businesses. Don’t think that they are not interested in the training opportunities.

The training opportunities available to moving businesses include those provided by BAR and the IAM. One area that many people forget which can offer great opportunities, are the conferences that happen during the course of the year.

These conferences including the IAM conference and the PAIMA convention; a great learning experience for young people who are new to the moving business. Not only are you able to meet people you can talk to on a regular basis, but also you are able to build new relationships within this field.

One idea posed to the IAM was to encourage business leaders in the moving industry to push the businesses to bring these younger people to the conference.  They can then benefit from the experience and the skills that are associated with the older generations. It is these younger people who are the future of the moving businesses across the globe, and the more exposure they get to the business, the better positioned moving businesses will be in the future.

Networking is one of the key aspects of any conference.  You are able to associate with potential business opportunities, and without these conferences, the development of the wider global moving business could stagnate.

Therefore, while it might not seem the best idea in the beginning, the more opportunities you are able to give your staff in training and developing themselves, the more they will put back into your business.