The IAM Working to Improve the Moving Industry

The IAM Working to Improve the Moving Industry

The IAM annual conference that took place recently covered many important items affecting moving businesses.  Along with appointing two new board members, IAM focused on solving problems and addressing issues that those in attendance wanted to hear about including legal requirements and industry updates.

The members of the IAM were able to discuss issues most important to them, such as military-related concerns. Military representatives passed on information concerning the SDDC’s Open Session and how to re-qualify for the DP3 program.

The IAM also informed their members of any new legal requirements that have come into play. This is why it is important to have a body like the IAM working for the moving business sector by asking questions and getting answers.

This is demonstrated in the current problem facing ports, which is the congestion that is not easing.  Businesses affected are requesting answers and the possibility of finding a solution that is going to work.  The IAM is committed to find ways to solve the congestion problem. They are not standing idly waiting for governmental suggestions, but working with the FMC, Federal Maritime Commission, to find solutions to the problem.

The FMC discussed the problem in open forums to see if a solution is possible. It is important that the government and the IAM work together for the common goal of improving the moving industry because this industry suffers when areas under others’ control cause problems and delays that hurt business.

The partnerships garnered at the IAM conference focus on helping the moving and storage businesses across America and beyond. The Annual General Meetings are a way for this essential establishment grow and develop each year.  It also is important for addressing some of the industry topics, which demonstrates IAM’s commitment to the industry and the problems businesses face on a daily basis.