Advice for Moving with Pets

Advice for Moving with Pets

As an industry, moving is about customer service.  Offering advice to customers is the best way to earn their trust.  Customers may have questions about what they need to do with their pets with moving to their new home.  The basics of moving with pets and some of the requirements involved is important for moving companies to understand, so they can pass it on their customers.  Here are some things to consider:

It is important to recommend to customers that they talk to their veterinarian. This will ensure that the client is considering the full care of the animal and any paperwork that they might need at the new location. For some areas, some animals are not allowed to be owned.  It is important that the client understands fully their ownership of their pets and what they need to do to ensure they follow legal requirements at their new home.  They also need to ensure they are well-looked after during the move.

If the animal is going to take to the air to get to their new home, they will need a microchip. This is for the pet to be identifiable when they take off and when they get checked in at their destination.

If your client is going international, there are some regulations they might need to consider. It is fine in some countries for the pet to travel with their own passport and without having to stay in a kennel, but some countries do require a set amount of days in quarantine so customer should be aware of this and any costs involved. Unless you are personally involved in moving the pets, you need to ensure that your potential clients know it their responsibility to ensure that their pet is able to move to their new home, with all the relative paperwork and fees paid.  You can only act as a guide for them.

Having contact with companies that specialize in moving pets is great because it means you can recommend good companies to your customers, making their move easier for them.

Many people might have pets when they move and it is important that you are able to point a customer in the right direction for the information they need to ensure their pet can travel to their new home.