Safety and Operations Conference Proves Valuable for Movers

Safety and Operations Conference Proves Valuable for Movers

Discussing federal and state safety regulations that all moving companies must adhere to is important.   There are factors that have the potential to lower a business’s score due to minor infringements, which are easily correctable.  The AMSA 2014 National Safety and Operations Conference gave moving businesses the chance to learn more in October.

The concept behind the conference is to discuss important changes that occurred over the course of the year and to ensure all those people and businesses who attend understand these changes and the potential they can have on their moving businesses.

Other groups of businesses discussed topics of interest to the moving businesses across America. There were discussions ranging from insurance claims to the new release of the AMSA new driver website.  The website helps new drivers who want to come into the industry get the training required. There is the opportunity to see job vacancies on this website too!

It is important to know where moving businesses are heading and the new technology that is available, which is aimed at improving the industry as a whole. This includes the move towards the electronic logging device or ELD. Understanding the long-term use of the data that ELDs provide and how they will affect the businesses is important.

Hiring new staff was another topic of discussion.  Businesses need to know the long-term implications they face when hiring. It means taking the time to do background checks in accordance with current regulations.  While this procedure is tedious, it is an important to ensure any potential employees are able to work in the field. AMSA was there to discuss the current requirements and to answer any questions on this sensitive subject.

Therefore, it might seem like every other conference which you attend, but the AMSA 2014 National Safety and Operations Conference is worth the time to ensure your moving business practices are up to date.  Your safety practices affect people directly or indirectly.  Looking at the future potential of your business, it is important to consider making a safe working environment.