Give the Right Incentives for Realtor Referrals

Give the Right Incentives for Realtor Referrals

As a moving business owner, you need to take the right approach when trying to get real estate agents to refer clients to your business. Giving tacky gifts is not the sign of a professional business, which is there to ensure their clients have the right moving company for the job.

The best way to win over a real estate agent isn’t with giving them a cash incentive.  Many are not allowed to accept these in return for referring work. It is better to offer the home buyer or home seller a discount. This makes great sense to the realtor and the potential customer.

Real estate agents want to ensure that any business they refer has a favorable outcome on both business sides.  Offering a discount can create a great boost to either business.

The most important aspect for your moving company after you get your first referral by a real estate agent is that you continue to get referrals.  They will only recommend you if you are offering the best service possible. This means you want to ensure that on every move, your team works effectively and professionally.

Any referral from a customer or another business is the best type of business you can get.  It means that you impressed a client with your skills and it is just as important to ensure that the next move is just as smooth.  Your next referral can then potentially recommend your services too.

Referrals from other people are a sign that you are doing a great job.  The cost of acquiring the new work is minimal.  In fact the benefits of new business and gaining a reputation outweigh any costs.  If you ensure that all your work is carried out to the highest specifications, then clients can recommend you.  With social media becoming increasingly popular, it is even more important to get recommendations.

By offering the right incentives to real estate agents and conducting business to a standard, you can get the right referrals that will be key to growing your business.