Spreading the Word on Safety Compliance Rules from FMCSA

Spreading the Word on Safety Compliance Rules from FMCSA

It is important that the FMCSA ensures that businesses know and understand the rules in regard to the safe use of vehicles on the roads. If moving businesses are able to understand what they need to do to improve their safety record, they are more likely to act on the information rather than being confused and letting things slide.

This is just one reason why the FMCSA has published a list of frequently asked questions and answers. They have chosen to publish these answers on the FMCSA’s Driver Safety Education Center and Motor Carrier Resource Cente, which can be found on the FMCSA’s website.

The FMCSA is looking to help businesses to improve their safety records.  They want to ensure that moving businesses are taking the Get Road Smart approach and are moving towards the Compliance Safety Accountability program, CSA.

They are taking the message of safety on the roads to all businesses who use the roads across America. Businesses should do everything they can to ensure driver safety, including training and keeping track of records.

For FMCSA, the idea is to make this information as easy as possible for people to understand.  Confusing language can prevent moving businesses from moving forward and improving their own safety records. Businesses should look to see how FMCSA is communicating needed information to understand driving safety, especially those using trucks and semis.

Education is the best way forward in improving road safety.  With the resources that FMCSA is providing, it will ensure that future businesses are able to improve areas of safety and established businesses learn how to improve.

Therefore, it is important that as a moving business owner that you are committed to improving your own drivers’ safety, not only to comply with the regulations, but to ensure that other road users and your drivers never get into an accident.