Going Green by Making Healthier Employees

Going Green by Making Healthier Employees

If you are looking for a way to reduce the amount of energy your business is consuming, have you considered going green? One moving company in New England has taken this approach further than many would even consider. They have opened a green gym.

The idea of a green gym is by using the equipment you will create electricity, which is then pumped back into the gym reducing the costs of running the facility. For the running machines, these green machines can use 32% less electricity than the normal non-green versions, saving money on the cost of running the gym.

Not only is it a way for employees to get fit and healthy, but they are also helping reduce energy consumption. Not only do these machines tell you how many calories you have burned it can also tell you the amount of energy you produce during your workout.

Nowadays with the increase in health related illness due to inactive lifestyles and poor nutrition, supporting staff by providing facilities in which they are able to exercise is important.

Improving the quality of life for your staff can motivate them to work harder. The healthier they are the less time they will need off due to sickness. It can also improve staff retention because they feel the business genuinely cares for them by providing workout facilities, which they can use to improve their overall health.

Harnessing the power of the individuals who are using the gym to improve their quality of life and create energy is mind blowing.  Who would have thought that you can turn the energy produced by a person using gym equipment into usable electricity which reduces the costs involved in powering up the machine.  It’s a full circle process.

If you are considering going green, think about the health benefits and the reduction in costs if you consider installing a green gym.