Mentoring In The Moving Industry

Mentoring In The Moving Industry

If you have experience in the moving business sector, it is important to pass on those skills to people who actually want to learn. These people actively seek out the opportunity to develop their own skills and abilities, in order to perform better and to develop their career aspirations further.

Finding or a mentor that is willing to go above and beyond for people who are willing to learn is important. What you might be surprised to learn is that there is such a program, the IAM’s Mentor Match program.  Obviously, you need to both be members of the IAM to participate and in good standing.

It is a chance to give back to an industry that has seen much change and development in recent years.  It allows information and knowledge to transfer from mentor to protégé and sometimes visa-versa.

This program is there to help support developing mentors who can guide others on their future journey on their career path. You have the opportunity as a mentor to help and train people, becoming their guidance in developing and progressing further towards their ultimate goal.

For the protégé, it gives them the opportunity to learn and develop their skills in the industry. Learning from an individual who has the experience and expertise in the field to help develop their potential is their benefit.

This is an invaluable experience for both mentor and protégé, building a relationship between the two in personal and a professional manner.  It allows for free-flowing information to help the protégé to learn and the mentor to feel comfortable talking and communicating together.

A system that allows for greater development of individuals who have the expertise to become someone to go to for advice is an important aspect that in the modern world is often missing.  This is especially important to the ever-changing moving industry.

Therefore, if you are looking to develop further your career or even to give back, then the IAM Mentor Match program might just be the path for you and your career.