How to Prevent Violations Through Planned Trailer Maintenance

How to Prevent Violations Through Planned Trailer Maintenance

Inspections of your vehicles is important.  They can highlight potential problems and issues that need to be addressed. Ensuring you have a trailer maintenance plan in place for all vehicles will ensure that there is a reduction in the potential of a breakdown or a failed roadside inspection.

Poor trailer maintenance can cost you more in the long run than you would save.  Breakdowns are inconvenient and can cost you time and money. A maintenance plan can and will save you money long-term as breakdowns becomes less of a daily chore.  If the breakdown isn’t repairable, finding replacement trailers at the side of the road can mean added expense, time, and an unhappy customer.

If you fail a roadside inspection, this can have even more consequences for the business.  Insurance costs can rise and your business reputation is on the line. The likelihood of having more roadside inspections will increase if you have violations in the past.  Improving the safety on the highways is key and one of the reason why violators are pulled over is to ensure that any recommendations are addressed and put right.

Educate your drivers on recommendations that may occur during a visual trailer inspection.  If an area of concern is highlighted, ensure they have the right training and knowledge to know what to do in these situations.

If you schedule a trailer maintenance it is a planned expense, which as a business you can budget for. You should know what you want checked and how often these happen will depend on the frequency the trailer is out on jobs and the distance traveled.

Educating all staff in the importance of maintenance is going to be the safest way to ensure all the required checks happen and on time and the reason behind their importance.

Therefore, trailer maintenance is key to saving money long-term when you rely on them for the daily running of your business.