Federal Government Takes Stand on Labor Rights

Federal Government Takes Stand on Labor Rights

As the busy season for moving companies begins, it is important to keep on on labor regulations.  It is important that the rights of those people who work in America are protected and that they are not exploited in any way. The only way to protect them is to ensure that the rules and regulations regarding employment are clear for all people to understand.  Most importantly governing bodies need to actively seek to correct any misguided information and to change any standing which can harbor the possibility of illegal practices with regard to employment laws.

When two federal agencies act, then there is nothing to do but to make sure that the rules are adhered to. AMSA wants to ensure that all their members are treated appropriately and fairly in their employment.  Sometimes this doesn’t happen and action is taken to protect the employees’ rights.

The National Labor Relations Board, or NLRB, successfully won recently on behalf of employees within a large organization, who were violating labor laws.

The Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division is fighting to stop the practice of classifying workers as independent contractors, even though they meet employment criteria. The idea behind companies classifying workers this way is to reduce their costs for benefits and any legal protection that comes as standard, which is only required for a person is employed by a company.

Collection of back pay and the requirement to pay time and a half for over 40 hour weeks is also currently under discussion.

While businesses look to compete in a very difficult economic market, it is important that the workforces are looked after.  It is important that they are making enough money to feed their families and to live. It is only with organizations like AMSA, who are constantly looking to improve the moving business and its employees, can we ensure that they are working in a safe and caring environment.  Labor relations between employers and employees need to continue and grow in a harmonious way.