Adopting Social Media Policies in the Workplace

Adopting Social Media Policies in the Workplace

Many businesses created social media policies a few years ago, but the problem is times have changed and these policies could now be outdated. Getting them updated is key if you want to ensure that your employees are adhering to company policies.

How employees access social media is constantly changing.  Gone are the times when you had to use the company desktop to access social media. The introduction of smart phones and tablet devices changed that.  It is possible for an employee to access social media at any point in the day and share numerous posts, tweets, and even images.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to create a policy that covers all eventualities by using broad terms to describe the requirements because these policies can be viewed as unlawful. It is important that you don’t use language that is too ambiguous or has too broad a meaning, it must be precise and clear. It must give examples of the restrictions.  You can’t say it must be polite and respectful without mentioning examples that include threatening behavior or sharing obscene or intimidating material.  Only then will you be in compliance with the legal requirements.

If you are worried about your social media policies and you need to ensure they comply with all legal aspects, then it is important that you discuss the requirements with an expert in the field.  They can ensure that you are not breaking the law or run the risk of liability in any potential prosecution.

Social media has become a very complicated area and one that you should be fully aware of in relation to your business. Ensuring you have the correct and updated policies which fall within the new guidelines will mean that you are covered in how you monitor and use social media in the work place.