Choosing The Right Social Media For Your Business (Part 2)

Choosing The Right Social Media For Your Business (Part 2)

As mentioned in part one, it is important that you put the time and effort into the social media accounts that are of the most benefit to your moving business. It is important that you fully understand the differences between the social media platforms in order to not waste your time or that of your staff, who are responsible for any social media updates.  We will continue to discuss other social platforms so you can decide which will be of the most benefit to you business.

One popular social media option is Instagram, but this is a purely picture or video based social media. It is an extremely popular social media option with millions of pictures being posted every day, world-wide.

Snapchat is again a picture or video based social media option, but the idea here is once it has been viewed it will disappear for good.  It is a great way to share information that has a limited time frame, like a sale or discount.

The most popular social media that you can use is YouTube.  This site is great for sharing and re-sharing content that is visual, rather than a written article. The videos are short in length and offer information or a viewpoint. It is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world and it should be something you consider in your social media plan.

Whatever social media you want to try, understand it from a personal perspective and see how this could work for your business.  It is a great way to assess the potential of a social media site.

There will continue to be new social media options which will become popular.  Keeping up-to-date and deciding which ones to use for your business is important to keep your business modern.  It would be impossible to be active on all social media options, so choose the most effective ones carefully.

This information will help you make the right choices on the social media platforms that are going to benefit your business the most.  Decide which one will work for you, rather than stumbling around too many social media accounts will be most effective.