Recognizing The Value Of Moving Business Drivers

Recognizing The Value Of Moving Business Drivers

Recognition for those individuals who take pride in their work and represent the industry is important.   These men and women are the face of the industry putting a positive light on them helps promote the industry and their importance. This is why every year at the AMSA conference, the winners of the best driver of the year awards receive a standing ovation from the audience.

Moving businesses across America are feeling the pressure of holding onto these drivers who have expertise.  It is difficult to attract new drivers to the industry as increasing concern over low wages and difficult conditions including getting home daily, which is not always an option. Potential employees are looking for better pay and better access to family life. With the reduction in the number of people who are unemployed, finding and retaining drivers is of great concern to the moving industry.

One major point is the wages.  If they matched the difficult working conditions then more young people will be attracted to a life of driving a truck. Until then, the concern is being able to keep drivers, but at some point these older drivers are going to need to retire. This increases the pressure on businesses to promote and train the future drivers in this industry.

The difficulty that moving businesses face is providing these individuals the wages they deserve. It isn’t going to be possible unless prices increase and the customer has to pay more or businesses cut costs elsewhere in a business.  That is the only way to increase the potential wages payable.

This is not likely to happen soon with businesses barely managing to push forward in what has been a difficult economy.  This is why AMSA wants to ensure that the current men and women driving trucks everyday are recognized and appreciated for the hard work and commitment that they offer the moving industry.  Without them, moving customers to their new homes would be impossible.