Changes in Public Data on Truck Accidents for Moving Businesses

Changes in Public Data on Truck Accidents for Moving Businesses

If any vehicle and the driver is involved in a crash, it can greatly affect your moving business. Understanding the data and working out who is to blame for the accident isn’t always easy.  The problem the FMCSA is trying to resolve is reporting on these accidents.  They argue that if you can’t agree on a system which is fair and doesn’t harm a business, then this information shouldn’t be available to the general public.

The main argument is if there was an accurate way to measure and appropriate the blame to the person at fault, and this information relates to a business, then the business has to improve their performance. While the theory behind the idea is sound, the complexities involved arise in ensuring that the correct and accurate information is recorded.

A complex study of the data was completed and the results go against this theory.  It states that there is no evidence that using data on who is at fault would improve the Department of Transportation’s ability to focus on individual businesses with a poor track record.  As in, finding what driver is at fault for causing an accident does not help improve businesses.

However, AMSA wants the information on crashes to be included in the CSA scores, as it is seen as a way to improve the driving aspect of a business.  As part of the AMSA member, they can work to improve this CSA score.  If the data for crashes is not included this can affect the overall improvements. However, AMSA is supporting the non-inclusion of data if the driver is clearly not at fault.

AMSA is also calling for this data not to be viewed by the public until any changes are made because it can have an effect on a business.  Potential clients can see this information and could be making a decision based on inaccurate information, which is not good for the moving business industry.